I ntelligent self- service banknote deposit system BTS C101

BTS C101 is a compact system designed to be used in small and medium capacity retail outlets, with the purpose increase security, facilitating and expediting the process of depositing bundles of different banknotes (up to either 30 or 100 notes) and improving accountability. Records of individual cashier deposits as well as amounts collected

( Encashment) are being implemented trough personalized RFID cards with different levels of access depending on the function of the employee. For every deposit or collection, the integrated printer prints out a receipt with the result of the action.

Every action (Deposit, Encashment, opened or closed door, locked or unlocked door, cashbox overflow etc.) is being stored in a local database and when connected to a central server that data is sent in the form of a report to the "Control center".

This gives the user the ability to monitor the individual terminals status in real time and take actions when needed. Integrating and connecting to third party security systems provided by the user is also possible.

How it works:

After identifying with his/her personalized ID card the employee can use the 7” touch screen to choose whether they want to make a deposit or get a report of the deposits made by them up to that point. After choosing the “Deposit” option, the employee sets the notes on the note- acceptor, after all of the notes are accepted and deposited in the cashbox (Defect or notes that are suspected to be fake are not deposited and are given back). After a preset amount of time without any action taken the operation is ended automatically and a receipt is printed with the deposited amount.

The deposited notes are being stored safely and in the order of entry in a locked and sealed cashbox that holds 500, 1200 or 2200 notes (Depending on the model). The control center gets real time information on the status of the terminal, the deposited amounts and reports. The data can then be exported for further processing or bank transaction.

When a preset number of notes is stored in the cashbox the system automatically notifies the need of an encashment procedure. The server can then send automated text messages or e-mails to a collection team. These functions help optimize encashment procedures, cut down costs and get full and accurate reports on the deposited notes.

System encashment procedure:

The system gives a high degree of accountability, safety and protection against criminal offences.

In case that the note acceptor is jammed or another problem occurs it can easily be cleaned or switched out for another one, without opening the safe door.

"Control center"

Main screen

The "Control center" app is a WEB based software system that allows remote monitoring, diagnosing and configuring of the devices.It is installed on a separate server, the user has access to it only with the appropriate rights via a WEB- app.“Control center” can be set up to send text messages or e-mails to users if an action needs to be taken immediately.

The system users have different rights and access, they are organized in groups sorted by sites. Depending on their access level they can take different actions which are then written in a system log.The log contains information for all users, the access points IP address, actions performed and session duration.

User’s log and activity

R eports

Real time reports of all events and available funds are being kept, which can be exported in different formats.

Technical Specifications

The system is built in a metal safe built to the client's requirements.

Material thickness from 3 to 5 mm.

Wall thickness 25 mm. (Optional)

Locks in 2 or 4 flexible and two fixed points.

Standard BDS 1143-1/2012 lock.

Electronic keypad lock mechanism. (Optional)

Shock and temperature sensors. (Optional)

Tamper sensor’s

Integrated in the safe is the cashbox and cashbox security system.

Document compartment. (Optional)

Backup power source. (Optional)

Control module:


Sample picture

All electronic components sit in a superstructure above the safe.

Opereting system: Linux
Size: W 405mm x D 385mm x H 660mm

Weight: 45kg

Power supply: 220 V/50Hz 5A

Operating temperature range: 5°C to 60°C

Floor or backwall anchoring.

J. Dimitrov

Bank Tech Sys OOD

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